How to understand and align with the Candidate Journey

Learn more about the process that candidates go through before deciding to apply

Why it is crucial to understand the candidate journey

The world is continuously changing, also in the recruitment landscape. Finding a career opportunity has for the most part shifted from an offline, to an online endeavour. Therefore, in recent years, the number of online recruitment channels has increased enormously. A trend that is still ongoing. This makes it hard to choose the right ones. Will you go for large or local job boards? Generic or specialised? Then there are also niche websites, social media, online communities and google display. Are those a good option? Which ones are most relevant to reach you desired target audience? Should you just use one, a few, or many? What message and content should you use to advertise your career opportunities? How can you get the best candidates to apply?

To answer these important questions, an understanding of your desired candidates is needed. Therefore, you must understand the process that candidates go through before deciding to apply: the candidate journey. That’s what this webinar is all about!


What to expect in this webinar? Learn how to:

  • gain a better understanding of your desired candidates;
  • identify and align with the candidate journey of your desired candidates;
  • create sufficient relevant touch points to convince your desired candidates to apply;
  • use online recruitment marketing technology to your advantage in the process

Happy recruiting!