Recruitment data and how to use it explained

Learn more about the ways you collect and interpret data to improve your recruitment efforts

What is recruitment data, anyways?

These days, no matter what industry you work in, no matter what you do, it cannot have eluded you… There’s a lot of talk about data!

This is not any different in recruitment. You have probably noticed terms like big data, predictive analytics, machine learning and AI fly across the office at an ever increasing speed. But what do they all mean? What kind of data are people talking about? What data is relevant for you? How can you measure it? And how can you use it to your advantage when acquiring talent and improving your recruitment strategy?

The webinar at a glance

Our expert will take you on a step-by-step and easy to comprehend journey through the data-driven recruitment landscape, while focusing on:

  • The importance of setting KPI’s for your recruitment campaign (i.e how to reduce the number of potential candidates leaving an application form half-way);
  • Data on which recruiters should focus on (i.e. visits on Career page, number of views per vacancy, CTR and number of applications);
  • How to gather all the data you need;
  • How to interpret the data you’ve gathered (with some real life examples);
  • Q&A

Naturally, at the end of the webinar you’ll get a chance to ask your most pressing questions. All in all, a webinar for every recruiter who wants to be or stay on top of the latest recruitment trends, but isn’t an expert in data-driven recruitment data yet. Let’s clear the air around the term recruitment data once and for all! Shall we?

Happy recruiting!