The recruitment media mix for your next hire

A combo of 3 channels (at least!) will help you find your next great hire:

  • 1 job board: to be where loads of talent is present
  • 1 niche channel: to reach the specific type of audience you are after
  • 1 social media channel: far-reaching and low-cost

The right media channels for your desired candidates: here’s the recipe!

The recruitment media landscape is changing aaaaall the time. What used to work yesterday is no longer valid today. In 2025, every 3rd job candidate will be a millennial – tech savvy folk that needs to be approached in a tech savvy way.

So, how to select the right media channels for the candidates you are after? Is there life beyond generic job boards? And also:

  • Where can you find tech savvy Millennials online?
  • Did you know you can advertise your jobs on Spotify and/or Tinder?
  • Is Linkedin still the king of recruitment social media channels?
  • Niche job sites: what is it and what to do with them?

The answers to these and more – in this free infographic. Download now!