A framework to help you acquire talent in 5 steps

Recruitment framework

In need of an effective recruitment plan of action

Finding the right candidate while shortening your time to hire and decreasing your cost per hire. Isn’t that what it all boils down to?! If yes, then you’d also agree that it is worth spending time on creating an effective plan of action. In the Framework to help you acquire talent in 5 steps we outline a plan of action with 5 clearly defined steps to help you achieve your key goals.

The 5 steps framework at a glance

The framework offers clear guidelines on following the 5 steps that will help you acquire top talent:

  • Step 1. Set clear objectives
  • Step 2. Define target audience
  • Step 3. Select the right media channels
  • Step 4. Measure twice, cut once
  • Step 5. Monitor, Analyze, Improve, Repeat