Learn all about FB's newly-released Job Postings

Is Facebook Job Postings really taking on LinkedIn?

  • Learn all there is to know about the new Job Postings features on Facebook
  • See how job seekers benefit from the new feature
  • Get extra insights into Facebook Job Board
  • See how you can benefit from the Facebook ATS
  • Get best practices from our social experts on how to set up an effective Job ad

How to use Facebook Job Postings to target potential talent

Recently Facebook released their new recruitment product: Facebook Job Postings. Job seekers can now apply to your Facebook Job Postings directly from your account. With this new feature, you’re able to post and boost your jobs in a revolutionary new way.

In this free webinar we’ll introduce you to this new feature, and we’ll also show you more about Facebook Job board and their free ATS. You’ll also learn what this means for job seekers and how they can discover current job openings and communicate via Facebook Messenger to schedule job interviews. Sign up now for free to get a head start on this exciting new Facebook functionality that is Job Postings.