How To Promote Diversity & Inclusion And Attract The Right Candidates

Tactics To Help You Quickly Increase D&I At Your Organisation

Learn how to build a strategy to Increase diversity

Recording webinar

Diversity based on gender, ethnicity and age is an important challenge for large enterprise organisations today. It can benefit your business by making it more profitable, boosting innovation and increasing effectiveness, among others. Increasing diversity at the workplace starts with carefully crafting your jobs: communicating clearly your company values, showing diversity with photos and videos, and advertising strategically. In this free webinar, we host together with VERCIDA, we’ll share with you ways to create a smart recruitment marketing strategy in order to reach the diversity goals within your organisation.

Tactics to help you quickly increase Diversity & Inclusion at your organisation

Topics we’ll cover during the webinar:

  • The importance of diversity at the workplace today;
  • Technology to help you boost diversity;
  • How to promote your jobs and brand to attract highly-diverse candidates;
  • Tips on how to craft your overall message and job description for attracting diverse candidates;
  • Technology that allows you to promote your jobs in a way that attracts highly-diverse candidates.