Learn how to recruit like a marketer in 5 steps

and reach those high potential candidates

Do you recruit like a marketer?

As a recruiter anno 2017 you need to have increasingly familiar with marketing to win the run on highly demanded talents. Your recruitment marketing process starts with defining and reaching the right candidates. With the purpose of guiding them through a fictitious funnel, and finally letting them convert to applicants. But how do you get candidates in the funnel in the first place? And when they’re in it, how do you get them to apply? That’s where marketing comes in!

Learn how to reach those high potential candidates

In this white paper we describe 5 steps to help you recruit like a marketer and get the most out of your recruitment strategy:

  • Step 1. Determine your recruitment objectives in advance;
  • Step 2. Create candidate persona’s;
  • Step 3. Apply ‘funnel thinking’ in your recruitment strategy;
  • Step 4. Choose the most relevant online recruitment channels;
  • Step 5. Increase effectiveness by utilizing innovative recruitment technology

We will provide a step by step explanation of how to apply marketing strategies to make your recruitment process more effective. After reading this white paper you will know exactly how to recruit like a marketer.

Happy reading!