Whitepaper: The Experts Speak: The Latest Insights on Diversity & Inclusion

Let’s see what some of today’s D&I experts have to say about:

  • What is diversity
  • Why is D&I becoming increasingly important for employers
  • What are the main challenges employers face when dealing with D&I

Are the experts right about the state of D&I today?

Attracting diverse candidates and making them feel at home are common challenges for many organisations today.

“We’ve seen society taking big steps towards increasing diversity and inclusion. However, it seems that diversity in the workplace has not always reflected the transformation of society.”, Joost de Zwart – Manager Customer Success of Team International at VONQ

Highly-diverse teams have proved to improve innovation, among numerous other benefits, and recruiters should always be on the lookout for what’s new in the field of D&I.

So, let’s see what some of today’s experts have to say about the status of D&I today, shall we?