All you need to know about the Recruitment Mix

The fantastic four: Recruitment marketing, Referral programs, sourcing, recruitment agencies

The Top 4 strategies recruiters use to reach Top Talent

Are employee referral programs the holy grail? Am I disrupting potential candidates with too much sourcing? How do I reach out to passive candidates? Are recruitment agencies bad for my employer branding? How can recruitment marketing help me find top talent?

To help you find the answers to all of the above, we’ve looked at the top four strategies recruiters can use in building their campaigns for reaching top talent:

  • Employee referral programs
  • Sourcing
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Recruitment marketing

The pros and cons of Recruitment marketing, Employee referral programs, Sourcing, Recruitment agencies

After reading this white paper you will know what the pros and cons of each of the four strategies are. You will be able to build the unique recruitment mix that will serve your needs best.

The recipe is the following: 1) read on; 2) get inspired; 3) digest; 4) mix & stir and voila! You have your perfect recruitment mix, very unique for your particular needs, served just the way you like it.

Happy reading!