How to write an attractive job description

Learn how to:

  • make a great first impression as an employer
  • follow a structured path to attract the most matching candidates
  • create interest for your job offer
  • transform the candidate’s interest into a desire to apply

Writing a job description is hard - here’s how to do it

Your job description provides the first introduction to your company or brand. And yes – first impressions count! Will your perfect match of an engineer or that fresh marketing talent skip the next step.. or proceed to apply for your job?

A structured design of your job description is key – and the approach lies in the four steps of attracting a candidate.

Win talent over with your writing strategy

We got our top writing tips down on paper to help you succeed. Read on and learn how to make a great impression and reach your talent! It’s all about that dive into their personalities and needs..

EN cheat sheet how to write an attractive job description